Pet Therapy – Promotes Healing

Pet Therapy – Promotes Healing By Terri Murphy   Research finds that pets truly possess the power to heal their owners, especially the elderly.  The most serious disease for older people is not cancer or heart disease, but loneliness.  Most of us don’t evaluate our loved ones needs until we see them struggling with normal every day activities.  We don’t look at how lonely their day is.  Daily companionship is just as important as meeting their other daily needs.  ...

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Winter Brings Challenges and Blessings to Seniors

Winter Brings Challenges and Blessings to Seniors By Terri Murphy   The holiday season brought special times to the lives of many seniors. They enjoyed family gatherings, special times with friends, and gift giving.  It is a time when seniors reflect on their lives, understand their place in the history of their family and they watch the younger generations prepare to move forward with their lives.  But then the long winter sets in and many find themselves lonely and isolated....

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How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful

How to Make the Holidays Less Stressful and More Enjoyable By Terri Murphy   I’ve always loved the Holidays – the gathering of family and friends, the traditions, the presents!  However, caring for aging loved ones either in their homes or in a facility can change the way you celebrate your Holidays dramatically.  Though initially difficult and emotional, I have found that by changing your mindset – looking at it as creating new “traditions” rather than dwelling on how things...

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Holiday Shopping with Seniors

Holiday Shopping with Seniors By Terri Murphy   For most of us, the holidays are a wonderful time to share the joys of family life and friendship.  But for many older adults the holidays can be highly stressful, confusing or even depressing if their mental, physical and emotional needs are not taken into account.  One source of holiday stress can be holiday shopping.  While many seniors are still able to get out and enjoy the pleasure of shopping for their...

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Hope’s Holiday Party 2017

Last night, we hosted our annual caregiver Christmas party at Gilbert's Lodge. Although, not every caregiver was able to attend we had a pretty good turn out and lots of fun! We even had a special guest arrive, one of our clients! It was an evening filled with laughter and friendly faces, meeting new people and reminiscing with long time friends. Thank you to every one who came out, we hope you had a blast like we did!    ...

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