Does Aging in Place Scare You? Read These Stories That Show Why It’s Often the Best Choice

Elderly Care - Does Aging in Place Scare You? Read These Stories That Show Why It's Often the Best Choice

Your parents want to stay in their home. You worry about them. They're not close to a hospital or city services. You're not close by. You worry about them being isolated and lonely. Here are some stories from seniors who insist that aging at home is the best choice. A Familiar Home Eased Wandering After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, not much changed for Mack. He had his dog, neighbors he knew, and roads that were familiar. As his dementia progressed,...

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How to Support Seniors with Speech Problems

Senior Care-How to Support Seniors with Speech Problems

Has your elderly mom or dad developed speech problems in recent months? It’s common for aging adults to experience health issues that affect their speech. As their family caregiver, you want the best for them, and getting them professional help for their speech issues is a key part of overseeing their health issues. There’s no better time to learn more about speech issues in seniors. As the top method of communication between humans, speech is extremely important in seniors. Losing...

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Ease Stress and Anxiety by Caring For Yourself Before Your Dad

Did you know that an average of 4 out of 10 family caregivers experience emotional stress? Rates of stress and anxiety are higher for caregivers who more than an hour from their parents. That stress comes from the demands of care, the time spent ignoring your own needs, and your own withdrawal as you focus on your dad's needs over your own. Join a Support Group Your best support will come from others who understand what you're experiencing. Find an...

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