5 Dementia Signs You Need to Know

Elderly Care - 5 Dementia Signs You Need to Know

Dementia is perhaps one of the most difficult and worried about conditions that affect elderly adults. Sometimes family caregivers aren’t sure if what they are seeing in their older family member is normal or if it signals the onset of dementia. Although there are many different kinds of dementia that have their own specific symptoms, there are some common signs of dementia that can help you to determine whether your loved one should be evaluated for dementia. Below are 5...

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Higher Weight Linked to Brain Aging

Home Health Care-Higher Weight Linked to Brain Aging

Most people associate obesity with an increased risk for many different kinds of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. However, recent scientific research suggests that carrying excess pounds might also put them at risk for their brain aging more quickly. This could lead to serious cognitive problems, including dementia. Weight and the Brain To determine how weight and rate of cognitive decline might be linked, researchers conducted a study involving 1,289 people who were of an average age of...

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