“June is like part of the family, and is very caring.  She is very attentive and has blended right in with my family and friends.  She has been “remarkable”.  She has dealt with some conflicts in my home with Grace and Maturity.” -Nola T.

“June has been just fantastic to my Aunt during the most “trying” of circumstances and has been wonderful at keeping us all informed of her condition.  I would also like to nominate you for “Owner of the Year”.  You have been exceptional.  Thank you for everything.” -Mark C.

“How do we even begin to tell you about Veronica?  We believe that Veronica is our angel sent from heaven.  We don’t know what we would do without her.  Veronica takes exceptionally wonderful care of my mother, handling every single aspect of her daily care and needs.  This includes, but certainly is not limited to monitoring her blood sugar, helping her with her meds, making sure prescriptions are refilled on time, making appointments with doctors and physical therapists, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, errands and probably most importantly taking my mom out almost every day to lunch, which I know is the highlight of my mom’s day.  Veronica has become more to my mom and I than an employee.  We have grown to love her for her wonderful warmth, kindness, compassion and great sense of humor.  She arrives every day with such a positive and bright attitude and continuously goes above and beyond what is expected of her.  Everything runs so smoothly and she very rarely will contact me with anything unless it is truly important regarding the welfare of my mom.  I trust her judgment completely.  Veronica comes from a very close-knit and religious family and this is so abundantly apparent to me in her wonderful care of my mom.  Veronica is worth her weight in gold and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives.” -Betty M. and Mary M.

“We are very, very, pleased and happy that Michelle is our caregiver.  She is exceptional in every way.  We look forward to her visits to our home.  She is a kind, patient, cheerful, and compassionate caregiver and person.  She is dependable and always prompt.  She is helpful in every way.  Anything we ask her to do, she does willingly and cheerfully.  She is a special lady.” -Alvin and Betty S.

“Thank you for your years of service.  We could not have had Dad stay in his home without Kathy and your other amazing caregivers throughout the years.  Hope Senior Care has been a true gift to our family.” -Marie W.

“Thank you and all of your employees who have cared for Mom and Dad over these past few years.  The compassion of your “calling” is evident in the employees you have chosen.  I do not know how we would have managed without your services.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and God Bless you all!” -Susan R.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful care that you have provided this past year for Dotty.  Your staff maintained her dignity and brought so much joy to her life even when things seemed hopeless.  You always kept her spirits up and made sure that she lived each and every moment to its fullest.  We will always be grateful for your compassion and dedication.” -George R.

“I can’t thank you and the Hope staff enough for your patience with us.  When we decided that it would be easier to have dad move to an assisted living, you could have ended your service at that time.  Instead you helped us to find the right one for our family and helped transition him to his new home.  It is amazing to me that after all of this time you and your caregivers will still pop in to say hi to dad whenever you get the chance.  You truly care for your families.” -Julie P.

“Thank you for being mom’s support system this past year.  It has been so hard knowing that we could not be nearby.  Just knowing that you and your staff would be there for her no matter what the need, has given our family such peace of mind.  We knew that no matter what happened, a Hope caregiver would drop everything and rush to mom’s home.  We will never forget all that you and your staff have done.” -Bev K.

“After going through a couple of other agencies, we had decided that we would hire our own caregivers.  This too proved to be quite challenging.  When we felt totally helpless, a friend recommended you to us.  I am amazed at the quality of your caregiving staff.  You can certainly see how hard you work at hiring the best there is to offer.  The very first day you said to us, “I would never put someone in your home that I would not be willing to put in my own.”  You have definitely lived up to that claim.  My parents once wanted no one to come to their home, but with the gentle way that you approached them, including them in all of the planning and decisions, they have grown to look so forward to your staff coming.  They consider them all part of the family now.  What a burden you have relieved from us.  We can go and enjoy our time with Mom and Dad and know that when we can’t be there they are getting the best care.  Thank You!” -Patty M.

“My Christmas Miracle was finding Hope Senior Home Care at a time when not knowing what the future might hold for my mom.  There is no way that I could handle what is happening without your patience & support.  Thank you so much for everything & my wish for you all is the kindness that you have extended to me & my mom, be returned to you by the millions every day of the New Year & always.  I love you so much…Happy and Merry Everything!” -Julie K.

“Thank you so much for your card and your donation to Helen’s church.  That was very kind of you.  Your agency was so reliable during this past year and I don’t know what I would have done without all of your ladies.  Joan was a lifesaver in many, many instances…saving my sanity, my time and gas and giving me my life during times of great stress.  Please thank everyone that ever came to Helen’s house for their kindness and compassion right up until the end.” -Arly S.

“Thank you so very much for your assistance with the care of my mom.  Your kindness, compassion, humor and friendship added joy to her life and I will always be grateful to you.” -CeCe

“Thank you for the extraordinary kindness extended by you & everyone at Hope Senior Home Care. If you ever have a potential client that wants to speak with an actual past client, please feel free to provide my contact information.  I would be happy to share with anyone that the services & treatment my mother (and me) received from you & everyone associated was the most loving, caring, finest & best.  Thank you again from deep in my heart for everything.” -Julie S.

“I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for the excellent care Hope Senior Home Care provided to my mother, who passed away peacefully in her home last week. Every person we dealt with and each encounter we had with your office was marked by compassion, caring and a sense of wanting to do everything possible to help.

My initial intake with Joan was very informative and gave us a thorough understanding of the process of home care. When my mom’s condition deteriorated and she was put in Hospice care, Joan assured us that your group was very comfortable with that, as well, and we always felt very confident with your personnel.

Micah was the caregiver that spent the most time with my mom, often for 24 hour periods, and we saw a definite maturing in her as she gained more experiences with a dying patient. She was actually present in the last few moments with my mom and she always handled herself in a professional manner.

Tatyana spent several difficult nights with my mom as the Hospice team was adjusting her medications to keep her comfortable and not so anxious, and she did exemplary work in an exhausting setting. She again assured us that she was capable of managing a bed- bound patient and that we could rest easy at night that she would be alert and available.

Finally, I just couldn’t say enough about how much we appreciated Marie and her excellent care. Her warm personality and compassion made her feel like a member of the family in just a short period of time and I’m sure you know what a gem you have in her.

My mom’s wish was always that she be able to stay in her own home if it was at all possible and we were able to grant that to her, only because of your group’s excellent care and we will be forever grateful for that. I have given your information to the hospice team and will continue to recommend Hope whenever it is appropriate.” -Mark P.

“We want to thank all of the staff who helped us these many years, take care of our parents. It was all of our goal that they should be cared for in their home, and with everyone’s help we reached that goal. We, the family felt they were loved and cared for like they were family to all that came into their home. It was a great comfort to us. Thank you for your generous donation to Assumption church in Jacks memory.” -C Family


Thank you for all your help in caring for Jack and Helen. You helped put out lots of fires and we really appreciate it. Jack and Helen were able to stay in their own home which was the goal. Thanks so much.” -Jack C.

“Dear Jeanie,

We miss you! I hope you have found another nice family to care for. You are so needed. Your love for taking care of people when they can’t care for themselves is over the top. We can never thank you enough. We all appreciate all that you did for us, it was a comfort knowing our loved ones were in the best place possible with you watching out for their every need.  Thank you for helping us keep them in their home where they wanted to be.” -Jack C.


“Dear Terri and Staff: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassionate and loving care of my Aunt during her final months. I am deeply moved by all of you, and you will forever be an inspiration to me.” -Mark C.

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