Happy Holidays! Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping With Your Senior Loved Ones

Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping with Your Senior Loved One With the holidays upon us, we are all geared up for some Holiday shopping. When you hunt for gifts with your aging loved one, be merry and wise by implementing some safe shopping tips! 1. Spread the Joy. You may find that you have an extensive Christmas Gift List this year. Spread out the joy of shopping over several days. A full day of shopping will only wear your loved...

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Home for the Holidays: Tips to Relax and Not Stress!

The holiday season is upon us, and while it is a festive and exciting time of year, it can certainly bring stress. Last year, I put together the tips below to help you navigate the holidays, be mindful, and enjoy yourself. I think it's worth dusting off and resharing - as it all still rings true. I wish you all a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving, and may you take a moment (or two) for yourself! Below are four tips to help...

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National Family Caregivers Month: Caregiver Concerns

Elder Care - Five Tipping Points You Might Reach in Caregiving

November is National Family Caregiver’s Month.  This is organized annually by the National Family Caregiver’s association as a time to thank, support, educate and empower the many family caregivers across the country.  One of the essential attributes of being a family caregiver, and an advocate for your loved one, is the willingness and the ability to speak up and keep your eye on the ultimate goal, protecting not only the health and safety of your loved ones but your own...

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November is National Family Caregivers Month: The Caregiver Bill of Rights

Senior Care - Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Part with Things

November is National Family Caregiver Month. The National Family Caregiver Association Coordinates National Family Caregivers Month as a time to thank, support, educate and empower family caregivers. Below is the Caregiver Bill of Rights created by Author Jo Horne. Caregiver Bill of Rights I have the right: To take care of myself. This is not an act of selfishness. It will allow me to take better care of my loved one. To seek help from others even though my loved...

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