Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Caregiver - Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids. They’re a series of tasks and routines that you go through that help you to wrap up the day and be ready for the next one and all it has to throw at you. So here’s why you need to set up your own bedtime routine. You’re More Prepared for Tomorrow Tomorrow is always going to show up. If you’re prepared for tomorrow, you’re going to feel less as if life just happens around...

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5 Dementia Signs You Need to Know

Elderly Care - 5 Dementia Signs You Need to Know

Dementia is perhaps one of the most difficult and worried about conditions that affect elderly adults. Sometimes family caregivers aren’t sure if what they are seeing in their older family member is normal or if it signals the onset of dementia. Although there are many different kinds of dementia that have their own specific symptoms, there are some common signs of dementia that can help you to determine whether your loved one should be evaluated for dementia. Below are 5...

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Higher Weight Linked to Brain Aging

Home Health Care-Higher Weight Linked to Brain Aging

Most people associate obesity with an increased risk for many different kinds of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. However, recent scientific research suggests that carrying excess pounds might also put them at risk for their brain aging more quickly. This could lead to serious cognitive problems, including dementia. Weight and the Brain To determine how weight and rate of cognitive decline might be linked, researchers conducted a study involving 1,289 people who were of an average age of...

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Preventing Heat-related Problems for Your Senior

Senior Care - Preventing Heat-related Problems for Your Senior

As the temperatures creep up higher and higher, your senior is at a greater risk of developing heat-related illnesses. While these illnesses are dangerous, especially in light of health issues she may already have, you might be able to help your elderly family member to prevent some of these issues from becoming a problem for her. Encourage Her to Drink More Fluids Even if your elderly family member isn’t more active during the hotter months of the year, her body...

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Four Ways Your Senior Can Keep Driving

Elder Care - Four Ways Your Senior Can Keep Driving

Driving can be a big argument between caregivers and aging adults. You just want your senior to be safe, but she’s convinced that you’re trying to ground her. What might work is a compromise, but there have to be some guidelines in this compromise. Consider a few of these requirements in order to keep your elderly family member behind the wheel. Get Hearing and Vision Checkups If your elderly family member is having trouble with her hearing and her vision,...

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Are You Having Trouble with Energy?

Caregiver - Are You Having Trouble with Energy?

Family caregivers do a lot and all that they do requires energy. If your own energy levels aren’t where you want them to be, there might be a good reason for that. There are some simple tricks you can put into place to boost your energy. If you’re still feeling sluggish, though, talk to your doctor about what might be going on with your overall health. Caffeine Can Hurt More than Help Caffeine definitely gives you an energy boost, but...

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Four Tips for Developing Acceptance of Your Senior’s Health

Home Care Services - Four Tips for Developing Acceptance of Your Senior's Health

For most of your life your senior has probably been in much better shape than she is right now. It can be really difficult for you to come to terms with that fact. The closer you can get to acceptance, the better for both your senior and for you. Do What You Can to Remain as Positive as Possible Positivity is going to help you so much as a caregiver. This isn’t to say that you’re going to have to...

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“Aging In Place” Seminar

Certified Senior Solutions, Inc. Partners with Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods Communities to Present “Aging In Place” Seminar for Residents June 5 Grosse Pointe Park Will Host the Seminar at the Tompkins Center at Windmill Pointe Park Grosse Pointe, Michigan - Certified Senior Solutions has partnered with the five Grosse Pointe Communities as well as Harper Woods to present “Aging in Place,” a seminar focused on providing resources to families or individuals facing long term care decisions for aging loved...

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Does When Your Parents Eat Affect Their Weight?

Homecare-Does When Your Parents Eat Affect Their Weight?

It’s no secret that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. It’s a health problem that affects people of all ages, including older adults. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor for a whole host of health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, some kinds of cancer, and mobility problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is even a risk factor for “all causes of death.” Because of its seriousness, scientists are...

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What Causes Heart Failure?

Home Care - What Causes Heart Failure?

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart muscle becomes too weak or too stiff to efficiently pump blood throughout the body. It is usually caused by underlying conditions that affect the heart muscle. There is no cure for heart failure but managing the conditions that cause it can prevent it from happening or help to better manage existing heart failure. Kinds of Heart Failure Heart failure doesn’t always affect the entire heart. It can occur on just...

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