What Causes Heart Failure?

Home Care - What Causes Heart Failure?

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart muscle becomes too weak or too stiff to efficiently pump blood throughout the body. It is usually caused by underlying conditions that affect the heart muscle. There is no cure for heart failure but managing the conditions that cause it can prevent it from happening or help to better manage existing heart failure. Kinds of Heart Failure Heart failure doesn’t always affect the entire heart. It can occur on just...

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Keeping Your Senior Independent

Elderly Care - Keeping Your Senior Independent

What does your senior mean when she tells you that she wants to keep her independence? That answer might vary from one situation to another and so it’s important to understand what your own senior’s definition is. Talk to Her about What Independence Means for Her The first step in maintaining independence for your senior is to learn what independence means for her. For your aging family member, independence could mean that she continues to drive for as long as...

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Breaking News- Announcing “Hope at Home Transitions” Service

Hope Senior Home Care Announces  “Hope at Home Transitions” Service Program to Assist Seniors with Returning Home After Hospitalization or Rehabilitative Care Grosse Pointe and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - Hope Senior Home Care has launched a new initiative - Hope at Home Transitions - to assist individuals and seniors returning home after a hospitalization or other medical or physical rehabilitation.  The program provides short term in-home care, which is customized for each personal situation. “We continue to see families challenged...

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Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Recognizes the Benefits of Companion Pets

Senior Care - Jim Henson's Creature Shop Recognizes the Benefits of Companion Pets

Multiple studies have found that there are several health benefits of owning a pet. Studies find pet ownership can reduce blood pressure and pulse rate. Higher levels of hormones associated with happiness are found in people who spend half an hour playing and interacting with a dog. People with pets as children are less likely to experience allergies to pet dander. People with Alzheimer's disease are less likely to remain agitated or anxious when a therapy dog is present. When...

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Four Tips for Responding to the Folks Trying to Bring You Down

Caregiver - Four Tips for Responding to the Folks Trying to Bring You Down

As a caregiver you might feel that some of your family members are trying to bring you down with some of the criticisms they toss your way. It’s tough to shrug those off, but that might be what you have to learn to do if some of these tips don’t work. If They Don’t Understand, Try to Educate Them One of the biggest reasons that other family members will give you a hard time when you’re the one doing all...

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Five Tipping Points You Might Reach in Caregiving

Elder Care - Five Tipping Points You Might Reach in Caregiving

A tipping point in any situation is that time when the situation changes dramatically. In caregiving, there are several types of tipping points that you might encounter. Knowing that there can be a solution after that is the important part. Your Elder Is Experiencing Multiple Falls Falling is a huge problem for aging family members. Once your senior experiences one fall, she’s far more likely to experience another. If she’s having multiple falls that could mean that she’s got some...

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Hope Senior Home Care Opens Bloomfield Hills Office Location

Hope Senior Home Care Opens Bloomfield Hills Office Location Home Care Agency Grows Geographic Presence to Enhance Client Service    Grosse Pointe, MI – Hope Senior Home Care has expanded its office locations to include Bloomfield Hills, organization President Terri Murphy announced this week.  The agency’s newest address is 41000 Woodward Ave Suite 350 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304.  The office will be used for client consultations, human resources and community outreach.     “We are looking forward to enhancing our...

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Why Is it Important to Keep Your Senior Mentally Active if She Has Dementia?

Home Care Services - Why Is it Important to Keep Your Senior Mentally Active if She Has Dementia?

Some people with dementia might develop a fatalistic attitude and decide that there's no point in staying mentally active. But the reality is that even with dementia, your senior can greatly benefit in a variety of ways from keeping her brain working every day. Her Self-esteem Improves When someone isn't able to stay as active as they would like, their self-esteem can suffer. If your elderly family member is still performing tasks on a daily basis, that helps her to...

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When Sarcoidosis Affects the Lungs

Homecare - When Sarcoidosis Affects the Lungs

Sarcoidosis was once believed to be a rare disease. Today, experts say that it is quite common and happens in people across the globe. It occurs in people of all ages and across ethnicities, though it is more prevalent in people of African American and Scandinavian descent. It can also affect any area of the body. However, it most commonly affects the lungs. What is Sarcoidosis? Sarcoidosis causes small lumps, called granulomas, to develop in clusters in parts of the...

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Spotting Symptoms of Melanoma in Seniors

Home Health Care - Spotting Symptoms of Melanoma in Seniors

Melanoma is a type of skin disease that affects millions of Americans each year. Elderly adults are at a high risk of developing melanoma and it can often go undiagnosed and untreated for far too long. Aging adults often have a hard time identifying the symptoms of melanoma and must rely on family caregivers and home health care providers to help. If everyone is on the lookout for symptoms of melanoma on the senior’s skin, the odds of early detection...

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