Ways to Improve High Blood Pressure in Seniors

According to the CDC, about 108 million adults in the United States are affected by high blood pressure. This number is staggering and only 1 in 4 have this issue under control. It is crucial to keep your blood pressure under control as high blood pressure can cause damage to blood vessels.  While there is no immediate quick fix, below are some ways that will help lower your blood pressure: Regularly monitor blood pressure. Keeping track of your older adult’s...

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Keeping Seniors Hydrated

Water is crucial to living a happy and healthy life, but for seniors staying hydrated can often be easier said than done. Dehydration can cause health issues, cause flare ups of existing ones and can even result in medications not working properly. To get seniors motivated to increase their fluid intake, below are some suggestions on how to do so: Start the conversation. A simple way to increase fluids is to talk to your loved one about it. They might...

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Signs to Look for That Indicate It’s Time to Talk About Senior Care with Dad

Senior Care - Signs to Look for That Indicate It’s Time to Talk About Senior Care with Dad

  It may be difficult to talk to your elderly father about certain topics. Senior care might be one of them. Yet, if you are recognizing specific signs from him, it may not just be time, it could well be past time to talk about this potentially sensitive, but vital topic. What signs might those be? Below are a few that you might have witnessed already and, if you have, recognize that the longer you wait, the greater the risk...

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Six Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors

As the days start to get longer, it is a time for fresh starts. One popular way to do this is through spring cleaning. While doing a series of chores and cleaning out things looks different to everyone, making this a priority for seniors has added benefits since a clean environment is crucial to good health.  Below are six ways you can simplify the spring cleaning process for seniors: Spread out the process. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be done...

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Taking the First Step: Diabetes Care Management and Prevention

According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes every year. In an effort to combat rising cases, especially with Type 2 diabetes, the American Diabetes Association created Alert Day, encouraging Americans to make simple lifestyle changes in order to manage their diabetes or prevent a diagnosis all together.  Below are some simple lifestyle changes you can make: Eliminate sugary and fatty foods. Eating healthy and high fiber foods will help you maintain a healthy weight...

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Five Signs that You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Senior’s Driving

Caregiver - Five Signs that You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Senior’s Driving

  Your senior’s driving is something that you’ll eventually need to talk to her about. But is there a way for you to tell that you need to know more now? The clues might be bigger than you think they are.   Her Vision Is Changing in General If your elderly family member can’t see, that’s a huge problem in terms of driving. Even if you’re not noticing any other signs of driving difficulties, big changes to your senior’s vision...

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Senior Safety at Home

a resident and a caregiver outside

Throughout the past year, it’s safe to say that our homes have a greater meaning. For seniors, home represents a sense of security and continued independence, but sometimes adjustments need to be made to keep them safe.  If you’re contemplating making changes to your loved one’s home, here are a few things that usually come up in conversation: Fall hazards. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors, so one simple way to prevent this is to remove fall...

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Tips for Eye Health in Seniors

As we age, our eyes naturally deteriorate and our vision becomes less effective if we do not take the proper steps to maintain it. Thanks to research and technology, there are several opportunities to keep your sight maintained.  Below are some 20/20 tips to keep your vision in shape: Schedule regular visits. Develop a consistent schedule with an eye doctor, so any problems will be detected before they become irreversible or chronic. Seniors should also make sure to visit an...

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Celebrate National Women’s History Month

We all know women who have made a significant impact on our lives. While we should celebrate the accomplishments of women all year, March is officially recognized as National Women’s History Month. This is the perfect opportunity not only to learn about the impact women have made throughout our lives, but also to celebrate the women in our own lives.  Below are some ways you can observe this month with the seniors in your life and gain insight to the...

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How Does Low Humidity Affect Your Senior?

Elder Care - How Does Low Humidity Affect Your Senior?

Higher humidity levels can be seriously uncomfortable, but at the other end of the spectrum is low humidity. Humidity levels that are too low can also be really uncomfortable and might even contribute to minor illnesses that have the potential to become bigger. Your Senior’s Eyes and Skin Might Feel Dry and Irritated Lower humidity levels can actually pull water from your senior’s eyes and from her skin. For her eyes, that can mean that her normal tear film dries...

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