Pressures of a Family Caregiver

Caregiver - Pressures of a Family Caregiver

Family caregivers often deal with a mix of tasks each week. In addition to cooking and cleaning, there's helping with bills, doing the laundry, and driving your parents around town. If you also have children at home, a spouse or partner, and a full-time job, it's easy to feel overloaded. Don't let your responsibilities as a family caregiver pressure you. With these tips, you'll learn how to manage your time without becoming overwhelmed. Learn to Prioritize Prioritize the to-do list...

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Five Signs that You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Senior’s Driving

Caregiver - Five Signs that You Need to Pay Closer Attention to Your Senior’s Driving

  Your senior’s driving is something that you’ll eventually need to talk to her about. But is there a way for you to tell that you need to know more now? The clues might be bigger than you think they are.   Her Vision Is Changing in General If your elderly family member can’t see, that’s a huge problem in terms of driving. Even if you’re not noticing any other signs of driving difficulties, big changes to your senior’s vision...

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Senior Safety at Home

a resident and a caregiver outside

Throughout the past year, it’s safe to say that our homes have a greater meaning. For seniors, home represents a sense of security and continued independence, but sometimes adjustments need to be made to keep them safe.  If you’re contemplating making changes to your loved one’s home, here are a few things that usually come up in conversation: Fall hazards. Falls are the leading cause of injury for seniors, so one simple way to prevent this is to remove fall...

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Boundaries Are Important When You’re Offering Help to Your Parents

Homecare - Boundaries Are Important When You're Offering Help to Your Parents

Caring for your parents is a rewarding challenge. It's a good way to ensure your parents have the help they need from someone familiar. You do need to make sure that you set clear boundaries. If you don't, you could find their demands become overwhelming. What's the best way to go about setting boundaries? How do you make sure they stick to the things you state you can and cannot do? Say No and Stick to It Learn how to...

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Why Should You Pay Attention to National Handwashing Awareness Week?

Caregiver - Why Should You Pay Attention to National Handwashing Awareness Week?

The first week of December marks National Handwashing Week. It seems trivial to celebrate something that should be commonsense, yet some people do not wash their hands often enough or long enough. Here are the things you should know about handwashing. Handwashing Greatly Reduces The Risk of Some Serious Illnesses Washing hands properly and often cuts the risk of contracting illnesses that cause diarrhea by 35 percent. It helps kill viruses if you touch a surface where the virus is....

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Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Caregiver - Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids. They’re a series of tasks and routines that you go through that help you to wrap up the day and be ready for the next one and all it has to throw at you. So here’s why you need to set up your own bedtime routine. You’re More Prepared for Tomorrow Tomorrow is always going to show up. If you’re prepared for tomorrow, you’re going to feel less as if life just happens around...

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Are You Having Trouble with Energy?

Caregiver - Are You Having Trouble with Energy?

Family caregivers do a lot and all that they do requires energy. If your own energy levels aren’t where you want them to be, there might be a good reason for that. There are some simple tricks you can put into place to boost your energy. If you’re still feeling sluggish, though, talk to your doctor about what might be going on with your overall health. Caffeine Can Hurt More than Help Caffeine definitely gives you an energy boost, but...

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Four Tips for Responding to the Folks Trying to Bring You Down

Caregiver - Four Tips for Responding to the Folks Trying to Bring You Down

As a caregiver you might feel that some of your family members are trying to bring you down with some of the criticisms they toss your way. It’s tough to shrug those off, but that might be what you have to learn to do if some of these tips don’t work. If They Don’t Understand, Try to Educate Them One of the biggest reasons that other family members will give you a hard time when you’re the one doing all...

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Ease Stress and Anxiety by Caring For Yourself Before Your Dad

Did you know that an average of 4 out of 10 family caregivers experience emotional stress? Rates of stress and anxiety are higher for caregivers who more than an hour from their parents. That stress comes from the demands of care, the time spent ignoring your own needs, and your own withdrawal as you focus on your dad's needs over your own. Join a Support Group Your best support will come from others who understand what you're experiencing. Find an...

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