You Are Never Too Old to Get Moving: 3 Exercise Ideas for Seniors

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down. While being active during your younger years can stave off some of the signs of aging, you might find as you get older that certain exercises start to hurt more than they help.  Whether you’re nursing an injury or looking to add some gentler exercises into your workout regimen, these low-impact activities will keep you get fit regardless of your current age: Tai chi. This low impact form of martial arts...

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Keeping Seniors Active This Winter

Elderly Care - Checking Your Parent’s Winter Clothing

Keeping active is important all year, but when the temperatures drop and snow starts falling, it can be hard for anyone to do so. Especially seniors. While it may be difficult to go outside and move every day, there are a variety of ways to keep your loved one active and moving during the winter months: Indoor exercises. Physical activity increases blood flow to your whole body and performing even a minimal amount of daily physical movement can even help...

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Heart Healthy Tips

February is American Heart Month and focusing on good heart health has never been more important, since heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Below are simple ways you can take to live a heart-healthy lifestyle. Know Your Risks. Properly understanding the potential risks of heart disease can help you make the right decisions for your health. Talk to your health care provider about setting and reaching goals for heart...

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What is the Best Fitness Tracker for Your Father?

Home Care Services - What is the Best Fitness Tracker for Your Father?

Want a happy old age? Stay active. That’s the advice of medical professionals around the world. Keep the heart pumping, keep muscle tone, manage weight, keep depression at bay. All these things come down to exercising at least three times a week. A home care services professional can help your mother or father get some needed exercise. If they have home care services, you may want to ask your agency or individual home care services professional about which fitness trackers...

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Help in the New Year: Family Caregivers with No Time to Exercise

Caregiver Fraser MI - Help in the New Year: Family Caregivers with No Time to Exercise

If family caregivers are trying to care for a dependent aging relative it can take a lot of physical and mental exertion. Before they know it, they have sacrificed all their free time, and the time when they would usually spend on self-care becomes engulfed in their aging loved one’s needs. With so many people rededicating themselves to a healthier New Year, family caregivers must figure out ways to fit exercise into their daily and weekly routines. Making Time for...

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