Finding the Right Long Term Care for Your Aging Parents

As our loved ones age, the need for long-term care becomes a significant consideration. Many adult children find themselves facing the challenge of finding the right long-term care for their aging parents. It's a crucial decision that requires careful thought, research, and consideration of various factors. Today, we'll discuss the important steps to help you navigate this complex and emotional process. Start Early and Communicate Starting the conversation early is one of the most important aspects of preparing for your...

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Navigating the Night

Navigating the Night: Enhancing Nighttime Driving for Older Adults Driving at night can be daunting for older adults, often posing a significant challenge due to age-related changes in vision. Our ability to see in the dark diminishes as we age, making nighttime driving less safe. Today, we explore the reasons behind older adults' struggles while driving at night and offer practical tips to maximize vision and enhance safety on the road. Why We Struggle to See in the Dark as...

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Fall Outings & Activities: A Time to Bond and Reflect

As we enter into the fall and winter months, finding ways to spend quality time with your aging loved one can become a greater priority. We've compiled a list of our favorite fall outings - many simple, meaningful ways to spend time together and create enduring memories. And remember - the journey is always the most important part of the experience! Visit a Cider Mill or Apple Orchard - Take an afternoon ride out to a cider mill or apple...

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