Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Part with Things

Your senior’s belongings can get complicated, especially if there are so many of them that they’ve become clutter in their home. Clutter can be a safety concern, so that may require you and your senior to have some difficult talks and to make some tough decisions. Take a Memento of Some Sort. One reason so many belongings can find a home with your senior is that they’ve been collected over time. Each item may have sentimental connections to someone your...

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5 Safe And Healthy Summer Activities For Seniors

Staying active is an important part of aging healthily. Partaking in healthy activities is great not just for physical health, but mental well-being as well. The social benefits can even prolong life. With summer just around the corner, it is a good idea to have some activities ready to go.  Below are five easy, safe and healthy summer activities for seniors: Have a picnic. Getting outside is especially important. Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D, which helps fight...

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Ideas for Fun with Your Elder on American Family Day

Elder Care - Ideas for Fun with Your Elder on American Family Day

Back in 1977, Arizona's Governor Raul Hector Castro proclaimed August 7th as being American Family Day. It was signed into law a year later. Since that time, the annual holiday has expanded to many other states and shifted to August 1st. The goal is to celebrate being a family together. An elder care aide could accompany your parent if extra support is needed.   When was the last time your family gathered to celebrate your close family bond? Providing you...

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Tips For Traveling With Seniors

As restrictions are loosening up due to increased COVID-19 vaccination rates, travel plans are being made.There is no age limit to travel, so if you are planning a family trip and are going to include your elderly loved one, below are some travel tips to keep in mind:  Choosing the right travel times. Travelling can be arduous for anyone, especially if it happens to be a long journey. Issues such as jet lag and exhaustion are very common and take...

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How to Tell If It’s Still Safe for Your Aging Parent to Drive

One of the hardest things some seniors may face is the risk of no longer being able to drive. While there is no age cut off, many factors can impair driving making it unsafe for some to be on the road.It is our experience that taking away a loved one’s ability to drive feels like taking away their independence. It is often felt that driving is our right when really, it is our privilege and our duty to remain safe...

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Most Common Aging-Related Skin Changes

Homecare - Most Common Aging-Related Skin Changes

How is your elderly loved one feeling about their skin? Many people experience wrinkles and other skin changes as they get older. This can cause your elderly loved one to feel sad, upset, or a range of other emotions. There may also be things that your elderly loved one is concerned about regarding their skin. If that is the case, you or one of their homecare aides should take them to the doctor. In the meantime, it may be helpful...

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