Is Caring for a Loved One Wearing on You? Read Our Tips to Keep Your Spirits High

Providing daily care for a loved one can take a toll on you. You may find it challenging to maintain a positive attitude. But a positive attitude will help you cope with your situation's stress and set your day up for success. Helen Hunter’s article on the website has the following suggestions to improve your mood: 1. Learn healthy ways to manage your stress. 2. Think of Challenges to find opportunities to shine. 3. Look for the best in...

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Helping Your Loved One with Dementia Live a Fulfilling Life

For people living with Dementia, participating in once-loved activities can be challenging. This can produce feelings of loss and frustration for the Dementia patient and those who care for them. By changing the focus to different activities, they can continue to lead a more fulfilling life, despite living with Dementia. When caring for someone with Dementia, we tend to focus on care that revolves around grooming and rest/sleep patterns. While focusing on those basic activities so much, it is easy...

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The Benefits of Companionship

Aging is commonly associated with several health complications, from the flu to arthritis. While there are many healthy precautions that senior populations can take, there remains one risk that they should look out for loneliness. According to a report from the University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging, one in three seniors feel lonely and chronic loneliness can impact seniors’ memory, physical and mental health, and their life expectancy. There are many ways in which companion care can help...

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