Springtime Tips for Senior Health and Wellness

As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom, seniors need to focus on their health and wellness during the spring season. With a little effort and some helpful tips, seniors can enjoy the season's benefits while maintaining their overall health and wellness. Here are some suggestions for eating healthy, staying active, and managing chronic conditions during the spring. Eating Health. Spring is the perfect time to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Try...

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Spring Has Sprung: Easy Workouts to Get You Moving

Let's Get Moving: Joint-Friendly Workouts With spring nearly here (temps today in the 50s for those of you in Metro Detroit!), we feel a renewed energy to get outside and enjoy the environment. Exercise is a great way to do something good for yourself while also enjoying the great outdoors. As we age our bone loss often accelerates, causing a change on our bone density and mobility. What once was a nice run around the neighborhood is now a more...

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Aging Gracefully: Assisted Living or In-Home Care?

As our loved ones age, many of us face the difficult decision of how to ensure their ongoing care and well-being. For some, the choice may be between in-home care and assisted living. Both options have pros and cons, and finding the right fit for your family will depend on a range of factors, including your loved one's health, mobility, and personal preferences. In-home care involves hiring a caregiver to come into the home and provide support with daily activities,...

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