The Best of Hope: Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

As we close out another successful year, we're sharing our top 10 blog posts for 2022. We work on new content each week to help provide inspiration, perspective, and information for our community. We are grateful for your support, and continued readership! Below were our top-read posts - we hope you enjoy our recap. Looking forward to providing new, fresh ideas in the New Year! Hope's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022 1.) The Power of Positive Thinking 2.) Tips for...

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A Holiday Wellbeing Check for Your Senior

The Holidays are a great time to assess your elderly loved ones’ care needs. This is when the family is all together, and you enjoy extended visits, especially if you live some distance from your loved one. While we would like to not think about our parents aging and potential limitations, we cannot stop the aging process. There are red flags that could indicate that your loved one needs some assistance. And the holidays are the perfect time for you...

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My Holiday Letter to You

The holidays can be stressful for those caring for Elderly loved ones. With Holiday shopping and preparing for large family gatherings, you hardly have time for yourself. I follow a Facebook Page called When Dementia Knocks. Elaine Eshbaugh, Ph.D., is the creator of this Facebook Blog. She is a Professor of Gerontology and gives terrific advice on Caring for a loved one with Dementia. This week she posted a letter called “My Holiday Letter to You,” which resonated with me immediately....

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Happy Holidays! Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping With Your Senior Loved Ones

Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping with Your Senior Loved One With the holidays upon us, we are all geared up for some Holiday shopping. When you hunt for gifts with your aging loved one, be merry and wise by implementing some safe shopping tips! 1. Spread the Joy. You may find that you have an extensive Christmas Gift List this year. Spread out the joy of shopping over several days. A full day of shopping will only wear your loved...

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Home for the Holidays: Tips to Relax and Not Stress!

The holiday season is upon us, and while it is a festive and exciting time of year, it can certainly bring stress. Last year, I put together the tips below to help you navigate the holidays, be mindful, and enjoy yourself. I think it's worth dusting off and resharing - as it all still rings true. I wish you all a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving, and may you take a moment (or two) for yourself! Below are four tips to help...

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National Family Caregivers Month: Caregiver Concerns

Elder Care - Five Tipping Points You Might Reach in Caregiving

November is National Family Caregiver’s Month.  This is organized annually by the National Family Caregiver’s association as a time to thank, support, educate and empower the many family caregivers across the country.  One of the essential attributes of being a family caregiver, and an advocate for your loved one, is the willingness and the ability to speak up and keep your eye on the ultimate goal, protecting not only the health and safety of your loved ones but your own...

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November is National Family Caregivers Month: The Caregiver Bill of Rights

Senior Care - Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Part with Things

November is National Family Caregiver Month. The National Family Caregiver Association Coordinates National Family Caregivers Month as a time to thank, support, educate and empower family caregivers. Below is the Caregiver Bill of Rights created by Author Jo Horne. Caregiver Bill of Rights I have the right: To take care of myself. This is not an act of selfishness. It will allow me to take better care of my loved one. To seek help from others even though my loved...

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Is Caring for a Loved One Wearing on You? Read Our Tips to Keep Your Spirits High

Providing daily care for a loved one can take a toll on you. You may find it challenging to maintain a positive attitude. But a positive attitude will help you cope with your situation's stress and set your day up for success. Helen Hunter’s article on the website has the following suggestions to improve your mood: 1. Learn healthy ways to manage your stress. 2. Think of Challenges to find opportunities to shine. 3. Look for the best in...

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Helping Your Loved One with Dementia Live a Fulfilling Life

For people living with Dementia, participating in once-loved activities can be challenging. This can produce feelings of loss and frustration for the Dementia patient and those who care for them. By changing the focus to different activities, they can continue to lead a more fulfilling life, despite living with Dementia. When caring for someone with Dementia, we tend to focus on care that revolves around grooming and rest/sleep patterns. While focusing on those basic activities so much, it is easy...

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The Benefits of Companionship

Aging is commonly associated with several health complications, from the flu to arthritis. While there are many healthy precautions that senior populations can take, there remains one risk that they should look out for loneliness. According to a report from the University of Michigan’s National Poll on Healthy Aging, one in three seniors feel lonely and chronic loneliness can impact seniors’ memory, physical and mental health, and their life expectancy. There are many ways in which companion care can help...

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