Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Part with Things

Senior Care - Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Part with Things

Your senior’s belongings can get complicated, especially if there are so many of them that they’ve become clutter in her home. Clutter can be a safety concern, so that may require you and your senior to have some difficult talks and to make some tough decisions. Take a Memento of Some Sort One reason so many belongings can find a home with your senior is that they’ve been collected over time. Each item may have sentimental connections to someone your...

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Keeping Your Senior Independent

Elderly Care - Keeping Your Senior Independent

What does your senior mean when she tells you that she wants to keep her independence? That answer might vary from one situation to another and so it’s important to understand what your own senior’s definition is. Talk to Her about What Independence Means for Her The first step in maintaining independence for your senior is to learn what independence means for her. For your aging family member, independence could mean that she continues to drive for as long as...

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How to Support Seniors with Speech Problems

Senior Care-How to Support Seniors with Speech Problems

Has your elderly mom or dad developed speech problems in recent months? It’s common for aging adults to experience health issues that affect their speech. As their family caregiver, you want the best for them, and getting them professional help for their speech issues is a key part of overseeing their health issues. There’s no better time to learn more about speech issues in seniors. As the top method of communication between humans, speech is extremely important in seniors. Losing...

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Could Your Parent Benefit from a Service Dog Like Sully?

Home Care St. Clair Shores MI: Could Your Parent Benefit from a Service Dog Like Sully?

Six months after first making news as the service dog assigned to former president George H.W. Bush, Sully is back in the news with the president’s passing. Sully is a yellow Labrador Retriever who was provided to Mr. Bush by an organization called America’s VetDogs. Sully was matched to Mr. Bush and trained to meet his needs for both companionship and support. Do a quick Internet search for pictures of the president with his faithful dog and the joy Sully...

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