Signs to Look for That Indicate It’s Time to Talk About Senior Care with Dad

Senior Care - Signs to Look for That Indicate It’s Time to Talk About Senior Care with Dad


It may be difficult to talk to your elderly father about certain topics. Senior care might be one of them. Yet, if you are recognizing specific signs from him, it may not just be time, it could well be past time to talk about this potentially sensitive, but vital topic.

What signs might those be? Below are a few that you might have witnessed already and, if you have, recognize that the longer you wait, the greater the risk factors become.


Potential Sign #1: His balance is spotty.

If your father has difficulty staying balanced on his feet, seems to stumble or stutter step, especially when getting up from a seated position or when lying down, that could very well indicate he is at an increased risk for fall.

Just because he may need a cane or walker, uses the wall for balance, or has a little bit of difficulty getting up from a chair doesn’t necessarily mean he is going to fall. However, it is a clear sign that the strength in his legs isn’t what it used to be. And, many of us are slow to respond to the changes in our bodies as we get older.

A senior care provider could be the difference maker in helping him stay safe if you notice this sign being exhibited by him at this time.


Potential Sign #2: He complains a lot.

Some people complain all the time. It’s part of their makeup, how they get attention. However, if your father is not prone to complaining, but is doing a lot more of that lately, it’s time to listen more closely.

Sometimes, in the middle of the gaps of those complaints you can find the clues to why he is complaining more often now. It could be rooted in fear. Frustration. Or anxiety.

Get to the bottom of it and find out what is really going on. You may just learn that a senior care provider could be the answer he needs to not be afraid or get frustrated as much these days.


Potential Sign #3: His cupboards are bare.

If he doesn’t have much food, the refrigerator is bare and, or the food is expiring and sitting there without being tossed out, he might not have the ability to do that or is not cogent or lucid enough to realize these things need to happen.

He may also not be able to get to the grocery store like he used to. There are delivery services available these days, but not all seniors are connected to smartphones, tablets, or other devices where they can order these things.

A senior care provider may be up to help him if you notice any of these signs from him lately.

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