The Benefits of Intermittent Exercise

When it comes to fitness, most of us have an all-or-nothing mentality. This isn’t necessarily true. New research has shown that short bursts of exercise daily can significantly impact our health and wellness. Mini-Workouts, which can be as little as 3 minutes each, can be quickly and conveniently spread throughout your day. If you participate in a lengthy workout each morning but are sedentary the rest of the day, the impact on your health may not be as effective as you think. The Key is to do a little exercise, often!

Here are some great suggestions for incorporating intermittent workouts into your day.

  • Run or Jog in place for 1 minute.
  • Do Jumping jacks for 30 seconds.
  • Hold a plank position for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat, and you have done 4 minutes of exercise.
  • Do you have exercise equipment near a television? Get a workout in while you are watching your favorite show.
  • No exercise equipment? That is ok. While tuning in, do some squats, lunges, or sit-ups.
  • Put some music on and Dance.
  • Start your day with some Stretches.
  • Find opportunities to walk more. Park further away from building entrances. And take the stairs!
  • Stand up often.
  • Sit on an exercise ball.

    Intermittent exercising allows for more physical activity during your day. Each time you perform a few minutes of exercise, it allows for a mental break and helps you to be more alert and focused. Set a timer to get up and move each hour.

    Remember, you are one short workout away from a better mood! Get up and move!