Home Care: How to Help Seniors Sleep Through the Night

Home Care: How to Help Seniors Sleep Through the Night

As a senior gets older, you may notice they sleep much less. You may be wondering how you can help them sleep through the night and if there is anything you can do to make it more comfortable. The truth is not all family members can be there all night long, and this can be worrisome. Maybe you have your own family, kids to worry about, or a husband or wife who needs attention. Home care can help take the stress off of your shoulders by providing care to seniors in need.

If your parents or loved ones need care in the middle of the night but still want to age in place, you can opt to have home care that is 24/7. This will usually be split between two people and maybe even weekend and weekday home care. They can help your seniors become comfortable enough to sleep and help them through the night.

Every person is different and will need different things to feel comfortable enough to sleep at night. Sometimes health conditions can affect how well someone sleeps, or sometimes it’s an achy body that is too uncomfortable. There are some things home care can help the senior do throughout the day that may make it easier to sleep at night.

How Home Care Can Help Seniors Sleep

Home care can help make a seniors life easier by ensuring they get the care they need. Many seniors prefer to age in place rather than be put in a senior home or community. If you think your senior is struggling to go to sleep at night, talk to the caregiver about these tips that may help.


Ensuring a senior gets the proper amount of exercise will help them sleep every night. Seniors should stay as active as possible and find activities to do. Caregivers can help them do very light weights, help the seniors go on walks, or find other ways to keep them more active.

Sleep Routine

Having any kind of bedtime routine can help a seniors body understand that it is time to relax for the night and go to sleep. Caregivers can help a senior show before bed, put on jammies, and set them up to go to sleep each night. This is a huge benefit of having a caregiver and they can ensure the senior stays on top of their routine.

Quit Caffeine

Not drinking caffeine can be hard to do especially in the morning. If your senior loves to wake up and have a cup of coffee, that may be fine but limiting the amount of caffeine they drink can truly help a senior sleep at night.

Less Alcohol

As a senior gets older they should drink less than they used to. Alcohol can affect them more than when they were younger and alcohol can cause sleeping problems. A caregiver can encourage a senior to not drink throughout the day for a better sleep at night.

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