4 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

In October, we observe World Mental Health Awareness Day but our mental health is something that should be taken care of year-round. Good mental health enables you to handle the natural ups and downs of life, have stronger relationships and maintain physical health and well-being.

Here are four tips to help you boost your mental well-being:

  1. Meditate. Meditation can be a great solution for letting go of daily stress, frustration or anxiety. Mental and emotional stress can affect how you feel physically. By meditating and calming your mind, you are also calming your body. Some highly experienced meditators are even able to control their body functions, including slowing their heart rate.
  2. Start a Journal. Writing in a journal every day helps you keep track of your thoughts, events and emotions. Journaling is a simple concept, just write whatever comes to mind. Many find it easier to understand thoughts and feelings once they are written, even returning to previous journal pages for greater clarity.
  3. Exercise. No question, exercising impacts physical health. It can help you lose weight, gain muscle and give you energy. But did you know that exercising can help release stress and increase mindfulness? Doing physical activity releases endorphins, which is a chemical that helps make you feel happy. In fact, many studies have shown a positive link between exercise and a reduced prevalence of depression. It’s an outlet for negative emotions because it helps you work through the excess adrenaline, often associated with frustration of anger.
  4. See a Therapist. Talking to someone outside of your circle may give you a new perspective and help you learn to cope more successfully. Many feel that they need a specific reason to seek counsel from a therapist but their training makes them a valuable resource if you’ve suffered a trauma, have a mental illness or are simply striving for improved mental well-being.