New Years Resolutions for Seniors: Staying Healthy, Safe, and Optimistic

As we enter the new year, many of us are making commitments to ourselves and our loved ones to make 2023 the best year. While we often think of new year’s resolutions as being geared toward young people, the elderly have unique needs and concerns that can be addressed by setting resolutions. Here are some new year’s resolutions that the elderly can make to focus on staying healthy, engaged, and safe in the coming year.

Eat Nutritious foods and exercise regularly. Eating nutrient-rich foods and exercising regularly can help maintain energy and strength and improve overall health. Resolve to focus on eating more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins and exercising at least 3 -4 times per week. This can be done through activities that can be done in the comfort of the home, such as walking or participating in chair exercises.

Maintain social connections. Social isolation and loneliness are shared among the elderly. Resolve to maintain and foster social relationships with friends and family and join an organization or club. This can include reaching out to people online through video chat or social media.

Have regular health and wellness checks. In addition to participating in everyday physical activities, scheduling routine health and wellness checks with a doctor or nurse can help the elderly stay on top of potential dangers to their health. Resolve to get regular check-ups and keep track of personal health changes to improve overall health.

Practice safe habits. Falls are the number one reason for hospital admissions for older adults. With this resolution, the elderly should become more aware of their surroundings while out and about, such as being aware of curbs, uneven surfaces, or potentially hazardous areas outdoors. Review your home environment and remove or update areas that might pose a fall risk. If you find yourself less steady, consider using adaptive devices such as a cane or walker.

With these resolutions, the elderly can focus on becoming healthier, more engaged, and ultimately, safer in the upcoming new year.