What Can You Do to Promote Comfort in Colder Weather?

Elder Care - What Can You Do to Promote Comfort in Colder Weather?

Keeping your elderly family member safe, warm, and well-fed is part of the basics of life. It’s also about comforting her. Winter is especially one of those times of the year when comfort is likely at the forefront of your thoughts. Here are some things you can do to prioritize comfort for your senior and for you.

You Can Go Traditional

Traditional comfort, especially in winter, is all about soft and warm. Things like lowered lighting, twinkle lights from holiday decorations, and warm blankets and sweaters are all appropriate. Talk to your senior about what would help her to feel more comfortable. Things like electric throw blankets can help to repel chill, especially if they’re set to low and you use a timer with them.

Comfort Food Stores Well

Lots of aging adults have trouble with nutrition and comfort food can really make a difference here. Stews, one-pot meals, and soups are all a big part of what people think about when they hear the phrase “comfort food.” A big bonus is that comfort food tends to store well. You can freeze individual serving sizes and make them easy for your senior to reheat.

Pampering Is a Big Part of Comfort

One of the things that all forms of comfort, especially winter comfort, share is that they’re all about pampering. So, if there are ways your elderly family member enjoys being pampered, now might be a good time to bring those out. Smells that she loves in the air or streaming nature sounds that she loves might all be something she enjoys, especially now. Try a few new ideas to find new traditions, too.

Remember to Pamper Yourself, Too

It’s not just about making sure that your senior is comfortable now. Your own comfort is a big part of self-care and of making sure that you’re doing all that you can in order to keep yourself prepared for the demands of caregiving. Find little ways to add comfort into your everyday activities. Also, remember to take time away that’s just for you. Elder care providers can help to make sure that your senior is taken care of while you take care of you.

Being more comfortable can take your senior’s mind off the harshness of colder months that can sometimes be a little more complicated for her. Talk to her about all the ways that you can help her to find and to maintain comfort on a daily basis.

Excerpt: Comfort is the perfect buzzword for winter months, especially when it’s cold and uncomfortable outside.

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