Signs the Senior Citizen in Your Life Needs Extra Help

Home Care Services - Signs the Senior Citizen in Your Life Needs Extra Help

If you are caring for a senior, there are many things you should know. One of the first things you should know is how to recognize if they need extra help. Many seniors need extra help but they don’t want to ask for it. They are too prideful, too shy, or they just don’t like to ask for help for any number of other reasons. If you can recognize the signs that the senior citizen in your life needs extra help, you can start helping them right away. If you do recognize multiple signs that they need help, it might be time to hire a home care services provider.

Spoiled Food

When you look into the senior’s refrigerator, do you find spoiled food? Maybe their milk is spoiled. If they are leaving spoiled food and spoiled drinks in their refrigerator, they may be eating these foods, as well. That is terrible for their health and they could become extremely ill.

Missing Appointments

Is your loved one missing appointments with their doctor, therapist, or other appointments? If so, they could be putting their physical and mental health at risk. You may need to hire a home care services provider to drive them to and from their appointments.

Bruises They Can’t Explain

There are some people who just bruise easily. Usually with seniors, if they are getting unexplained bruises, they are falling and not telling anyone. They may be too embarrassed to talk about needing help. However, you must take charge and help them in whatever way you can.

Issues with Standing Up

Does the senior you are caring for have a tough time standing up after sitting down for any length of time? If they do, you or home care services providers may need to stick around to help them get up. Many seniors who have a tough time standing up will fall when trying to stand up. This is something that can be prevented.

Difficulty Walking

Is the senior you are caring for having a tough time getting around? Maybe they can’t seem to walk without a limp. They might have chronic pain issues that are preventing them from moving around properly. In this case, they may need a cane or walker.


If the senior loved one in your life if getting more and more forgetful, it might be time to have someone either move in with them or be there the majority of the day. If you or other loved ones can’t do this, you can always hire a home care services provider to help out.

Not Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

Has the senior you are caring for stopped taking care of their personal hygiene? Maybe they aren’t showering enough. They might not be brushing their teeth or hair. If this is the case, they may be forgetting when they did these things last or they may be feeling depressed. Either way, if you get to the bottom of it, you can help them handle and manage their personal hygiene. They may need somewhere there to remind them to take care of themselves.

These are some of the signs that a senior in your life needs extra help. Give them the help they need today.


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