Is Your Elderly Loved One Bedridden? Here is How You Can Help.

Elder Care - Is Your Elderly Loved One Bedridden? Here is How You Can Help.

There might come a time when your elderly loved one needs to be confined to a bed. This is often referred to as bedridden. Elder care providers can offer assistance to family caregivers who need to care for their bedridden elderly loved one. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. In addition, you can find some important information here today that will help you care for your elderly loved one, as well.

Patient Care for Your Bedridden Elderly Loved One

There are many things that you will need to do for your bedridden elderly loved one. Some of these things include the following:

Personal hygiene – Your elderly loved one might need help with bathing, grooming, and dental care. If you aren’t able to provide them with this type of care, you can always hire elder care providers to help out.

Diet – You will be responsible for making sure your elderly loved one has a well-balanced diet. Many experts suggest keeping water close to your loved one’s bed to ensure they can always get a drink and stay hydrated.

Entertain – You will have to supply your elderly loved one with entertainment. This can mean providing them with television, puzzle books, books, games, and other things they can do while they are bedridden.

It is best to try and involve your elderly loved one with decisions regarding their hygiene, diet, and the entertainment you plan to provide them. This will help them feel more comfortable and content.

Tips for Bedsore Prevention

Some bedridden patients experience injuries to their skin. This is normally due to immobility. These injuries or sores are often called pressure sores or bedsores. They are the result of someone sitting or lying in a certain position for too long. Bedsores can get infected and cause health complications. Some tips for preventing bedsores include the following:

  • Encourage your elderly loved one to change position
  • Help your loved one move from one position to another
  • Keep their skin clean and dry
  • Put pillows in areas of the body that often press against one another like the knees

You should speak with your elderly loved one’s doctor about the best ways to reposition your loved one to ensure you don’t cause them any harm. You could also ask an elder care provider for guidance on safely turning your elderly loved one.


There are many things you will have to do for your bedridden elderly loved one. Some of these things are easy. However, others might take more time. This means that you might have to ask others to help you provide care for your elderly loved one.


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