Home Organization That Ensures Bills Are Paid on Time

Caregiver - Home Organization That Ensures Bills Are Paid on Time

Age-related memory loss is normal and shouldn’t frighten you. Forgetfulness is one thing your parents may experience. They can’t remember where they put their glasses or TV remote. They have a harder time remembering new information. It’s normal.

When one of the things that’s impacted by that forgetfulness is the monthly bills, it can be problematic. To make sure bills are paid on time, a little home organization will help.

Help Them Set Up Auto-Pay

Set up auto-pay. The bills are paid automatically on the due date. If this is the option they prefer, they should check to make sure the bank hasn’t made an error. While it’s uncommon, a computer glitch may occur. The earlier they catch it, the faster they can get the error fixed.

Set Up an App or Computer With Reminders and Organized Lists

Set up a computer program or app. Depending on how computer-savvy your parents are, a calendar program or app may help. They can set this up with reminders that appear on their screen via email. Once a week or each day, they check for messages and make sure bills that are due are paid. Google Calendar is free and can be set up to track due dates and keep reminding until the task is marked completed.

Get a Bill Organizer

Purchase a bill organizer that covers the entire month. A cascading wall organizer is one popular method. There are six pockets where you can sort bills into weeks. Each week, the folder for that week is removed and bills are paid. Make sure they mark them paid with a check number of bank confirmation.

In the other two pockets, they can store bills that are coming up in the next month or offers they’re considering but aren’t sure they want to sign up for.

Buy a Whiteboard Calendar

Get a whiteboard calendar. Each month, write in the important appointments and bills that need to be paid. When the task is complete, your parents cross it off. You can scan it when you stop by to make sure they’ve paid the bills that were due.

Among the home care services caregivers offer is help sorting the mail and organizing any bills in the daily letters. Caregivers can help your parents with the computer and verify payments have cleared. Learn more by calling our home care agency and discussing the services that help with daily or weekly tasks.

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