What Might Be Contributing to Your Senior’s Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Senior Care - What Might Be Contributing to Your Senior’s Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

There’s a lot of stress that goes along with everyday life but during the coronavirus pandemic there is a great deal more stress. Here are some of the possible contributing factors for your senior to experience higher than normal stress levels.

Health Worries Are a Huge Contributing Factor

Your senior may have plenty of existing health issues to worry about, but the coronavirus pandemic offers one more big concern. She may also be worried about your health and the health of other people that she loves. The irony is that being stressed over health concerns can set her back with some of her health issues. Finding ways to reassure your senior may become important.

Difficulty Managing Chronic Health Issues

Beyond simply worrying about health issues, it may become more difficult to manage some of your senior’s health issues on a practical level. If she was visiting her doctor’s office frequently to monitor specific health variables, they may have opted to hold off on those types of visits for now. Your senior may also be dealing with difficulties finding specific products or foods that she uses to manage specific conditions. Shipping times are longer in many cases, or items aren’t available locally anymore. These are all problems that you’ll find yourself helping her to solve.

Changes in Routines Pose Problems

Routines are really important for your senior because they offer her stability and security. One thing that the coronavirus pandemic has done for virtually everyone is to upend routines. This can be incredibly stressful, especially if your senior is experiencing cognitive changes that make routines particularly important. Do what you can to help your senior to stick to her routines as closely as possible but try to be realistic about what is truly feasible.

Uncertainty about Too Many Issues

Something else to consider is that there’s a lot of uncertainty right now in so many areas. Your senior may be someone who doesn’t do well with uncertainty in general, and this can be an incredibly difficult time for her. Until more is known about so many specific details, there’s going to continue to be a good bit of uncertainty. Your senior may find that journaling or even telehealth talk therapy are helpful with managing this.

When someone is under a lot of stress, that can mean that they have difficulty with keeping up with tasks that would help them to feel less stressed. If that’s the case for your senior, it might be helpful to have senior care providers assisting with specific tasks at home. Help with cleaning, cooking, and even personal care tasks can alleviate a great deal of stress for your senior.

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