Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Caregiver - Four Reasons You Need a Bedtime Routine for Yourself

Bedtime routines aren’t just for kids. They’re a series of tasks and routines that you go through that help you to wrap up the day and be ready for the next one and all it has to throw at you. So here’s why you need to set up your own bedtime routine.

You’re More Prepared for Tomorrow

Tomorrow is always going to show up. If you’re prepared for tomorrow, you’re going to feel less as if life just happens around you. Part of your bedtime routine might be checking your calendar for the next day and for the rest of the week. You might also check the weather and see what else you need to do tonight, before you face the rush of the morning. You’re in a different state of mind now than you’re going to be in the morning, so take advantage of it.

You’ve Got a Chance for a “Do Over”

Maybe today didn’t go how you hoped that it would go. When you’re a busy family caregiver, that happens way more often than you probably would like. Having a bedtime routine allows you to look at what happened today, how that worked or didn’t work, and then decide what you want for tomorrow. That might mean you start setting up your coffeemaker the night before so that you know you’ll have coffee going. Whatever you need to make the next day better can be part of your nightly routine.

You’re Giving Yourself Permission to Relax

A bedtime routine lets your body know that your day is winding down. Your brain can stand down, relax, and get ready for sleep. This is vital time because it allows you to really sink into relaxation before you go to sleep. Make sure that you’re prioritizing low-energy, relaxing activities closer to the time that you actually want to be going to sleep.

This Is Perfect for “You Time”

Something you might think at other times of the day is that you don’t have time for yourself. You’re way too busy and you’ve got just too much to do. That’s all probably very true. But the time that you set aside for your bedtime routine before you go to sleep is the perfect time to focus on just you. Meditate, read, or do something else that helps to ease you into sleep.

Putting together your own bedtime routine might feel silly at first, but it has huge benefits. Take the time to customize your bedtime routine and you’ll find that you feel better and more supported during the day.

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