Veronica P.

Veronica P.

September 2018

“How do we even begin to tell you about Veronica?  We believe that Veronica is our angel sent from heaven.  We don’t know what we would do without her.  Veronica takes exceptionally wonderful care of my mother, handling every single aspect of her daily care and needs.  This includes, but certainly is not limited to monitoring her blood sugar, helping her with her meds, making sure prescriptions are refilled on time, making appointments with doctors and physical therapists, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, errands and most importantly taking my mom out almost every day to lunch, which I know is the highlight of my mom’s day.  Veronica has become more to my mom and me than an employee.  We have grown to love her for her wonderful warmth, kindness, compassion and great sense of humor.  She arrives every day with such a positive and bright attitude and continuously goes above and beyond what is expected of her.  Everything runs so smoothly, and she very rarely will contact me with anything, unless it is truly important regarding the welfare of my mom.  I trust her judgment completely.  Veronica comes from a very close-knit and religious family and this is so abundantly apparent to me in her wonderful care of my mom.  Veronica is worth her weight in gold and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives.” -Betty and Mary

This testimonial was written by family members of one of the many clients Veronica has cared for. Anyone can see, she was so loved by this client and her family. However, this is not an isolated case; every client Veronica has cared for has felt the same way. Veronica was Hope Senior Home Care’s very first caregiver and has been a dedicated employee ever since. She exemplifies all of our core values, not only in the work force but also in her everyday life.

Terri Murphy, President of Hope Senior Home Care, nominated Veronica for this award.

Terri said “Veronica has been an outstanding caregiver with our organization for years. She is a compassionate, caring and dedicated individual. It has been my pleasure to have Veronica as part of the Hope family for so long.”

Veronica, born in San Francisco and raised in Buffalo, New York, moved to the metro Detroit area in 1991. She discovered her true love of caregiving when she started caring for her ailing father. Over the last 20 years, Veronica has worked in hospitals and care facilities, but her passion is for the one- on-one interaction of home health care. Over the years, she has had amazing clients and her favorite part is caring for them emotionally. She loves taking them out for adventures and lunches. In her spare time, Veronica is a dedicated church member and enjoys volunteering as much as possible. She also enjoys yard work, going to the movies and spending time with her family. She hopes to be able to retire in the next few years and travel with her siblings. Veronica stated that she loves Terri and working for Hope Senior Home Care!

Joan, Hope Senior Home Care’s Director of Operations, said “Veronica has always been optimistic and positive. Her smile is contagious.  Veronica’s calm and personable nature has made it easy for clients to accept care. Her communication with office staff regarding care reports has always been clear and thorough. This has helped office staff to better understand client situations.”

We are very proud to have Veronica on the HSHC team. Congratulations for being an Honored Caregiver!

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