Kathy M.

Kathy M.

March 2018

Kathy has worked with Hope Senior Home Care since its inception, throughout her years of service she has shown tremendous leadership, dedication and represents Hope’s Core Values every single day. All of this is shown through her pristine attendance record and consistent reliability for her clients. Victoria Lines, Hope Senior Home Care’s Sales and Marketing Coordinator, said this about Kathy,

“I think the top core value that Kathy represents is Optimism. One of her clients is not always an easy going lady, she’s often stubborn especially when it comes to hygiene, Kathy is always optimistic that tomorrow will be a better day no matter what the challenges may be.”

Kathy has lived in Michigan her whole life, she has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Kathy has been married to her husband for 20 years and together they enjoy bowling and traveling.

Kathy says “The most rewarding thing about working for Hope is making a difference in my clients lives. I want to leave them in a better place then when I found them.”

In her time with Hope, Kathy has touched the lives of her clients and their families,

Marie, the daughter of a client said,

“Kathy is outstanding.  She was very caring and tender with my parents.  Helping with everything but not overbearing. I remember her messaging cream onto my Dad’s feet and legs, doing my Mom’s hair when she couldn’t get to the beauty shop.  She would bring special treats to share with them. She was a joy, we were so lucky to have her. Congratulations Kathy.”

Terri Murphy, Presidents and CEO of Hope Senior Home Care says

“Kathy becomes part of the family with every client she cares for.”

Hope Senior Home Care is very proud to award Kathy with our first “Honored Caregiver of the Quarter”, she continues to work hard every day!

Thank you Kathy!




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