Carol F.

Carol F.

June 2018

Carol F. is an exceptional example of the “perfect caregiver”. Her heart and passion shine through with every Hope client she encounters.

Her dedication to Hope and kindness towards clients, co- workers and office staff is the reason she has been chosen to receive the Hope Senior Home Care, Honored Caregiver award for the 2nd Quarter of 2018.

Carol is always ready to jump in and help in a sticky situation or an emergency shift. She has traveled near and far for her clients and continues to go above and beyond.


Patty Marantette, Hope’s Community Outreach Liaison, nominated Carol for this award. This is what Patty has to say;


“I would like to nominate Carol F. for Honored Caregiver. Throughout her years of service with Hope, Carol has demonstrated all the qualities that we look for in a caregiver, which support our core values of Empathy, Reliability, Optimism and Integrity.

When you look at Carol’s record, there is one category that really stands out – “Fill In”. Carol is always willing to go above and beyond to help and fill a shift, because she feels strongly about making sure her clients are well cared for.

Carol’s reliability is very appreciated by office staff. When looking over client’s schedules, if I have the after-hours phone, I will look for potential problems. If I see Carol’s name on the schedule, I can rest assured she will be at her shift.”


Carol’s passion for care giving began after her mother fell ill and she began working at the facility her mother was moved into. It was there that she found her true life’s calling. She cares and has love for her clients like they were her own extended family. Carol enjoys making her clients feel better and caring for whatever they may need.

Carol is a very proud mother and grandmother and loves to spend every chance she gets with her grandchildren.

Hope Senior Home Care is very proud to have Carol as our second “Honored Caregiver”, we applaud all your hard work.


Thank you Carol!

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